Nobody is perfect and we cannot rely on having human beings typing things correctly 100% of the time. Errors will come. To prevent frustration, Troglio tries to adapt itself to human nature by allowing some flexible inputs.

For instance Troglio is translated into 18 languages, allowing users to type properties in their native language when it's not English. However, all default metadata are always sent back in english to developers. So for example, a user can specify the type property using either : tipo, típus or 类型... troglio will translate any of those into the english form type, so developers can rely on having the english form whatever happens.

On the other hand, any new parameter defined by the user are not translated and will be sent as-is: only troglio's default properties are translated.

Another thing Troglio does is to always lowercase inputs, so a user typing TeMplaTE has no consequences whatsoever: troglio will send the lowercased english version template anyway.