Obviously, one wants to control and choose the final URL of a given page.

For this, nothing complicated,

Troglio allows you to set URL patterns using the permalink property

For example, you can tell Troglio that one card should use the permalink /:list/:title. This pattern will prepend the name of the list name before the title of the card.

For example, one could go like this:

permalink = /en/:list/:title


This is the body of my page.

So, if the above card sits in a list named blog and has a name of My First Blog, it will be made available at /en/blog/my-first-post.

Troglio allows us to use all special properties as generic inputs for permalinks' patterns. But most commonly, one would use these:

  • :list : name of the list the card lives in

  • :title : name of the card

  • :type : type of the card

  • :yyyy : year of the card in the form of 2018

  • :mm : month of the card in the form of 12

  • :dd : day of the card in the form of 31