Enable Troglio

First you need to add Troglio as a custom power-up.

For this, you need to go to your power-up's admin interface to add a new Power-Up. If you didn't created a team yet, you can create one now (Power-Ups need a team). Once you selected your team, just click on "Create a new Power-Up", fill the form like this:

Power-Up name: Troglio

Author name: troglio

Email: team@troglio.com

Overview: Turn Trello into a CMS

Description: # Power your apps and websites from Trello

Category 1: Marketing & Social Media

Category 2: Developers Tools

Power-Up capabilities: authorization-status, board-buttons, callback, card-buttons, show-authorization, show-settings

Power-Up icon URL: https://powerup.troglio.com/troglio-logo.png

iFrame connector URL: https://powerup.troglio.com/index.html

Link to your privacy policy: https://troglio.com/privacy

Support team email: support@troglio.com

Once you have added the Power-Up, you are good to go !! Just go to any board in the selected team and add your custom Power-Up named Troglio:

Enable the Troglio power-up in a Trello board Enable Troglio Power-Up