Add custom data

After editing some basic content, we all suffer the need to add more structured information like the number of servings for a recipe, the category of a post etc...

Trello already comes with some basic data like the due date, members or even labels which are perfectly usable with Troglio. But Troglio goes one step further and allows you to add unlimited custom data.

To add custom structured content, just add a special section separated from your content with 3 or more + signs, like this:

Add structured content

Simple enough, this is called TOML. You just explicitly list your custom data using the key = value logic. For example, say we manage a website of movies, and we need to add the director and name of each movies, we would do something like:

title = Titanic
director = Steven Spielberg


Titanic description should go here...

Note that you must enclose multi-line values with double quotes like:

text = "Note how this longer text including line breaks

and double spaces   here and here   is enclosed by double quotes." 


Body of the page here if any...

Numbers are interpreted automatically like number = 7, but if for some reasons you need it to be a string, just enclose it using double quotes like number = "7"

Dates must be of the ISO form like:

  • date = 2017-12-31
  • date = 2017-12-31T12:00:00Z
  • date = 2017-12-31T12:00:00Z-01:00 (GMT -1)

Custom fields

Troglio supports the Custom Fields Power-Up :) So this means custom data can be completed using both Custom Fields and TOML.

Using Custom Fields with Troglio

If the same property is being set twice using both Custom Fields and the TOML part, remember that the TOML one will be the final value.